Things to Do

Things to Do in Ohio

Prepare to feel the presence that will make your senses come alive with excitement - a presence that goes beyond breathtaking views, beyond hair-raising adventures, beyond the awesome power of Banshees, Beasts and Diamondbacks -- the presence of Kings Island. From the moment you enter, enchantment begins and the fun never ends. 



Rides & Attractions

At Kings Island, there are rides for everyone from thrill-seekers to families. If speed and adventure are for you, there's our THRILL RIDES like the Banshee, The Beast and Diamondback roller coasters. Don't miss them. If slower speeds are for you, the FAMILY RIDES like the Grand Carousel will be perfect. 

Planet Snoopy

World's Best Kids Area

Kings Island has received the prestigious Golden Ticket Award for "Best Kids' Area in the World" for 15 years in a row!  With more than 18 PEANUTS-themed attractions, spending a day with your kids in PLANET SNOOPY is timeless fun. 

Soak City

Soak City Waterpark

Soak up the fun of Kings Island's SOAK CITY Waterpark. Families will find thrills they've never experienced before like the new Tropical Plunge, a seven-story tall complex featuring six different water slide experiences. Soak City is included with park admission.

Dinosaurs Alive

Dinosaurs Alive!

Step back in time to periods between 245 million and 65 million years ago in the world's largest animatronic dinosaur park. DINOSAURS ALIVE! at Kings Island features more than 65 life-sized dinosaurs in a 12.5-acre Jurassic forest setting.

Live Entertainment

Live Entertainment

Kings Island's thrills don't end with the rides and Soak City Waterpark. Our  LIVE ENTERTAINMENT is amazing too! Download our free mobile app for a list of live shows and show times.