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FUN Fact.

FUN FactKI has a total of 45,631 feet or 8.64 miles of coaster track.
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Flight of Fear

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Level 5 - Aggressive Thrill

At a Glance

Location: Coney Mall
Duration: 1 minute, 5 seconds
Height Requirement: 54 inches
Manufacturer: Premier Rides
Speed: 54 mph

Ride Information

Flight of Fear is an indoor steel roller coaster that launches riders to 54 mph and turns riders upside down four (4) times. Riders will experience high speeds, weightlessness, and rapid movements from side-to-side. A lap bar with safety belt secures each rider across the thighs and pelvis. This ride may not accommodate guests of a larger size. Guests with an amputated leg, leg casts or prosthetic leg are not permitted to ride.

WARNING: This ride contains strobe lighting and utilizes magnetic systems during the ride.


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