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FUN Fact.

FUN FactKI has a total of 45,631 feet or 8.64 miles of coaster track.

Xtreme Skyflyer

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Level 5 - Aggressive Thrill

At a Glance

Location: Action Zone
Duration: 2 minutes
Height Requirement: 48 inches
Manufacturer: Sky Fun
Speed: 60 mph

Ride Information

Xtreme Skyflyer is a skycoaster ride that swings in a pendulum motion. Riders will experience weightlessness and rapidly changing forces and directions. Riders are placed in flight suits and tethered to steel cable. By reason of the restraint system inherent in the flight suits, it is necessary that the flyers possess two arms sufficient to be contained and restrained by the shoulder pads, and at least one leg sufficient to be contained and restrained by the leg straps. Weight limit is 850 pounds per flight. Skyflyer is a pay-to-ride attraction.