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Level 5 - Aggressive Thrill

At a Glance

Location: Action Zone
Duration: 2 minutes, 40 seconds
Height Requirement: 52 inches
Manufacturer: Bolliger and Mabillard
Speed: 68 mph

Ride Information

The world's longest inverted roller coaster is a high-speed ride that will take riders through seven (7) inversions at speeds up to 68 mph. A shoulder harness with a safety belt secures each rider over the shoulders and across the chest. This ride may not accommodate guests of a larger size. Maximum rider height is 6-foot-6. Guests with casts are not permitted to ride. Leg amputations must be below the knee. Due to manufacturer requirements guests with any type of prosthesis will not be permitted to ride.

Guests with a single amputation above the knee may ride Banshee, with the use of a separate three-point harness, provided the guest has enough remaining leg and arm remnants to be secured by the separate three-point harness.

Loose articles are not able to be stored in bins on the ride platform area. Items must be safely secured in cargo pockets, left in a locker, or with a non-rider.

WARNING: This ride contains stroble lighting and utilizes magnetic systems during the ride.

BANSHEE LINE TIP: The wait for Banshee is usually longer in the morning than during the afternoon and early evening hours. We recommend that you take advantage of the shorter lines on the park's other world-class rides during the AM hours.

VIDEO: Full Point of View