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VIP Tours

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VIP Tours

VIP Tours

Experience the Park Like a Rock Star!

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VIP Tours

$249/person (Min of 2; Max of 8)

Visit Kings Island like a Rock Star! The VIP Tour at Kings Island is the best and most exclusive way to experience all the Park has to offer. With little to no wait time for rides and attractions, you can face your fears on any of our exhilarating attractions like Mystic Timbers, Banshee, Diamondback and more. Book your VIP experience today!

  • Admission
  • Parking
  • Front of Line Access on rides & shows 
  • All Day Dining Voucher
  • Blue Ice Cream Cone
  • Single Day Drink Bottle
  • Single Day FunPix
  • Tour Guide
  • Last night rides on Mystic Timbers 
  • Reserved Seating for Shows
  • Behind the Scenes Tours 
  • Nightly fireworks show from the International Restaurant