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Take the high road!


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Who said swings are for kids? Strap in for some big-kid fun because this ride was designed with thrill seekers in mind. It's part nostalgia, part traditional swing, and all flying high. Feel the exhilaration of a bird in flight as the ride's mighty arms extend outward at a 45-degree angle and the swings reach incredible speeds of 30 miles per hour. Windseeker's dizzying height of 301 feet (yes, that's 30 stories) promises views of almost the entire park and out as far as 18 miles on a clear day.

What's more, Windseeker is two rides in one, offering a totally different experience at night! When the sun goes down, the fun lights up with Windseeker's elaborate light show. As the swings ascend to the top of the tower, a supernatural light display comes to life with a kaleidoscope of colorful patterns and shapes.

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Ride Safety Information

  • WindSeeker is a chair swing ride with hanging seats suspended from an elevated and rotating tower.
  • Riders will begin rotating in a circular motion as the swings climb the tower. 
  • A lap bar with safety belt secures each rider across the thighs and pelvis. 
  • This ride may not accommodate guests of a larger size. Weight limit is 304 pounds per car.
  • Guests with prosthetic devices must visit Guest Services prior to waiting in line or riding. Leg amputations are not permitted (except below the knee). Guests with prosthetic limbs must consult with a Ride Supervisor prior to waiting in line or riding.