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Group Sales

3 Great Group Ticket Options!

Kings Island can offer your group a "Best Day of the Year" experience with world-class thrills, a 33-acre waterpark, and live entertainment.  Outings can be tailored to fit your needs and budget.  With a tradition-steeped history and more than 100 attractions to offer, there is something for everyone to enjoy and remember for years to come.  No matter the size of your group, one of our three plans will accommodate you.

To inquire about booking a group visit, please contact us at (513) 754-5700, option #3.

Let us take care of the entire day, including the food.  Our expansive all-you-can-eat catering menu is affordable and flexible. With a catered picnic, you get the absolute best discount on admission tickets.

Pick a specific date or range of dates for your group event and save up to 50% off the regular front gate admission price. The larger your group the larger your discount!

Pass the savings on to your employees year round -- literally!  We give you tickets to offer to your employees at a discount and you only pay for what is sold!

Small Groups (15-99 employees or members)

Learn more about programs available for small groups - companies or organizations with UNDER 100 employees/members.

Large Groups (over 100 employees or members)

Learn more about programs available for large groups - companies or organizations with OVER 100 employees/members.

School & Youth Groups/Programs

Learn more about our programs available for school and youth groups. Includes information about Festival of Music, Education Days brought to you by COSI, Amusement Park 101, Drama Days, Engineering Days, Dinosaurs Alive, Birthday Parties, and Performance-In-the-Park programs.