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Mobile Food Ordering available through Kings Island's Mobile App

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Mobile Food Order
Mobile Food Order

Mobile Food Ordering

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Mobile Food Ordering is Easy, Fast and Delicious


Kings Island is excited to announce another way for you to get the most from your AMAZING day at the park. When you’re hungry, use mobile food ordering. All you need is your phone and the Kings Island app to get your delicious meals, snacks and drinks. Mobile food ordering is currently available for Festhaus, Hank's Mexican Grill and Jukebox Diner.

Mobile ordering is so easy—just ORDER, CHECK IN and PICK UP!

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From anywhere in the park, just open the Kings Island app and choose which mobile order-friendly restaurant you want to order food from. Place your mobile food order and head on over to the restaurant when you’re ready. 

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Check In

Once you are ready to pick up your food, make sure to check in—that’s key. As soon as you check in, we’ll get your order started so you can be assured of the hottest, freshest and tastiest food possible. Check-in time is also when we’ll process your payment.

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Pick Up

We’ll give you an estimated time for when your deliciousness will be ready, so feel free to get the family settled in a comfortable spot. Before you know it, the app will show that your food is ready for pickup, and you can pop in to grab it! 

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How easy was that? Just order, check in, and pick up! Mobile food ordering also works with dining plans and Season Passholder discounts for super-easy AMAZING. Just make sure they’re linked up in your app.

Download the Kings Island mobile app and try mobile food ordering on your next visit to the park!

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Can I place an order from outside of the park?

No, you must be in the park to place an order.

Can I order food from anywhere in the park?

Yes, you can order food from anywhere inside the park.

Can I place more than one order at a time?

You may place multiple orders at one time if you are logged into the mobile app. If you have not logged into the app, you may only make one order at a time.

Can I use my All Season Dining Plan with mobile ordering?

Yes, you can redeem your all-season dining meal plans on mobile ordering.  

Can I use my Season Pass discount?

Yes, you can redeem your Season Pass discount on eligible items in mobile ordering.

Can I redeem coupons or special offers in mobile ordering?

No, coupons and special offers are not redeemable in mobile ordering. 

Can I redeem my beverage plan or souvenir bottle on mobile ordering?

No, you must see a cashier at the location to redeem your drink plan or souvenir bottle.  

Can I place a mobile order if I want to pay by cash?

No, all mobile orders must be fully paid at the time of order placement by credit card and/or All Season Dining Plan.  

Can I order alcoholic beverages through the mobile app?

At this time, you cannot order beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages through the mobile app.

Are seasonal items and full menus available on the mobile app?

It is possible that some items may not be available for order on the mobile app that are available at a given restaurant location, especially seasonal and limited-time food offerings.