Resin models of the K.I. & Miami Valley Railroad now available at the online store

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Resin models of the K.I. & Miami Valley Railroad now available at the online store

Don Helbig |
April 12, 2021

Among the exciting new arrivals at online store are 1:48 scale hand-painted resin models of the K.I. & Miami Valley Railroad. The Blue No. 12 engine and Green No. 19 engine models measure 10 inches in length and are a must-have item for fans of the attraction.

There’s just something about our steam trains that has appealed to guests of all ages since the attraction opened with the park in 1972. The sound of the engine, the chug of the wheels on the rial, the whistle and of course the steam are all woven into the fabric of the sights and sounds of Kings Island.

The two locomotives, manufactured by Crown Metal Products Co., in Wyano, Pa., are designed around the 4-4-0 American styled “General” engine, which was build in 1855 and the subject of The Great Locomotive Chase of the American Civil War. (The original General is preserved at the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History in Kennesaw, Georgia.) Instead of being coal fired, Kings Island’s engines are propane gas fired. The 400-gallon boilers on each engine provide plenty of capacity to make them real authentic steam-spitting locomotives. The road is 36-inch gauge, or more commonly known as narrow gauge.

The Blue No. 12 engine was originally named Tecumseh after the Shawnee leader, but now is known as the “Kenny Van Meter”. The Green No. 19 engine was originally named after a famous Ohio frontiersman, Simon Kenton. Today, this locomotive is known as the “Lew Brown”, who served as the foreman on the original train crew when Kings Island opened in 1972.

While much of the scenery around the K.I. & Miami Valley Railroad over the years, the one thing that has remained the same is the amount of joy the two locomotives bring to our guests.