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Ohio State University, Purdue University theme park engineering and design groups tour Orion

Don Helbig |
March 7, 2020

One of the things I enjoy about my job at Kings Island is taking groups of people interested in the park and the amusement and theme park industry on behind-the-scenes tours that provide them with an up-close look at iconic and new attractions. This morning was one of those days with the Ohio State University and Purdue University theme park engineering and design groups taking a field trip to Southwest Ohio for a behind-the-scenes look at the new Orion roller coaster.

The tour consisted of a walk around the Orion site where the students were able to observe the sheer massiveness of the 5,321-foot long steel coaster and see how the ride is unique to Kings Island by taking advantage of the topography along with all of the elements that have been incorporated into the ride.

As an added bonus, the students had an opportunity to witness a couple of test cycles. Watching the train plummet down the 300-foot first drop at an 85-degree angle and traverse along 5,321-feet of track at speeds up to 91 mph had everyone’s adrenaline pumping and counting down the days until Orion makes its highly-anticipated debut when Kings Island opens for the 2020 season April 11.