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Kings Island Coronavirus Reopening Plan

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We're all in this together! 

Chad Showalter

Director, Communications - Kings Island

Twitter: @ChadShowalter

Next week, on July 2, Season Passholders will have the opportunity to get their first visits in at Kings Island for the 2020 season. While we will initially open to Season Passholders with limited capacity and hours starting July 2, all guests will be able to visit beginning July 10 with a reservation. 

We want your visit to Kings Island to be AMAZING and want you to feel safe when visiting, so we developed an extensive coronavirus reopening plan – new processes and enhanced procedures throughout the park to help reduce the spread of germs.

We’re all in this together and by working together you can safely and confidently enjoy all the thrills, giggles and endless smiles that you have always found during your visits with us. You may have seen our earlier announcement about some of these changes guests will see when they visit the park for the first time this season. But, if you haven’t, here are some of the highlights:

  • Reservations are required prior to arriving at the park. Reservations can be made online. Season Passholders may have up to two (2) active reservations at one time, subject to reservation availability. Once a passholder has redeemed a visit, they will be able to make another reservation. 
  • A completed health screening questionnaire is required for each guest within 24 hours of their visit.
  • A touchless temperature check and temperature lower than 100.4 degrees is required for guests and associates to enter the park.
  • Face coverings are required for all guests, associates and vendors.
  • New RelaxZone areas throughout the park where face coverings may be removed while also observing social distancing.
  • Social distancing markers will be present throughout the park, including ride queue lines.
  • Limited guest/associate contact.
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures, including additional deep cleaning and sanitization of restrooms, dining facilities and other busy areas.
  • Additional hand sanitizer stations located throughout the park.
  • Capacity management in areas throughout the park.

You can read more detail about each of these changes in the new Welcoming You Back section of our website. These new health and safety protocols align with CDC recommendations, and have been shaped by information we continue to receive from company and industry health and safety experts, along with our state and local government officials.

Additional Changes at the Park

Kings Island has announced additional changes for the 2020 season to be aware of before your visit.

  • For Season Passholders, due to limited capacity we have postponed Early Ride Time and Bring-A-Friend discounts until further notice.
  • Beginning July 2, 2020, smoking will only be permitted in the designated smoking area outside the park’s main entrance. Smoking will not be allowed anywhere inside Kings Island.

Thank you for continuing to make Kings Island a place where you share time with the people who matter most to you. We are ready to welcome you back, and look forward to seeing you at the park.

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Chad Showalter

Director, Communications - Kings Island

Twitter: @ChadShowalter

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