Orion clothing and souvenirs available at Kings Island

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Orion apparel and souvenirs available at Kings Island 

Don Helbig |
July 3, 2020

You’ll never forget your out of this world experience on Orion when take home souvenirs of one of only seven giga coasters in the world. And at speeds up to 91 mph, it’s also one of the fastest coasters in the world.

T-shirts, hats, glassware and much more, all displaying the awesome Orion logo, are available in the Emporium and KI Trading Company on International Street, Coney Confections across from the entrance to the Racer in Coney Mall, and the Orion Cart by the new Area 72 entrance.

The Orion line of apparel and souvenirs has everything a true Kings Island fan and roller coaster enthusiast needs.