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PEANUTS Sketch School at Home Episode 3: Franklin

Don Helbig |
December 19, 2020

Who’s ready for another episode of PEANUTS Sketch School at Home? This week, you’ll learn how to draw Charlie Brown’s quiet, confident and good friend, Franklin!

Join our Sketch School artist Noel as he shows you how to animate this favorite PEANUTS character. All you need are a couple of arts supplies: A blank sheet of paper and a No. 2 pencil.

This is a fun activity kids and their parents will enjoy doing together. We want to see your drawings so be sure to share and tag us in your social media posts using #KingsIsland and #SketchSchool.


Franklin made his first appearance in a PEANUTS comics strip on Jul 31, 1968. He sits in front of Peppermint Patty at school and plays center field on her baseball team. Franklin acts as a foil for Linus, being equally well versed in the Old Testament. He is also a voice of reason and serves as a rational perspective compared to almost every other character's neuroses, phobias and character flaws.