Sonder Brewing's Orion-inspired Giga Coaster Lager now pouring at Kings Island

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Orion-inspired Giga Coaster Lager now pouring at Kings Island, Sonder Brewing 

Don Helbig |
August 5, 2020

In celebration of Kings Island’s newest roller coaster, the park and Sonder Brewing have teamed up to craft an Orion-inspired Giga Coaster Lager.

Sonder’s Giga Coaster Lager is best described as lightly hoppy, refreshing and incredibly crisp, perfect for craft beer drinkers, light lager fans and everyone in between.

The making of the Giga Coaster Lager has been a collaboration in the works between Kings Island and Sonder Brewing for a few months and different from what Sonder traditionally does with a lager. Sonder Brewing usually goes with a more germanic style with its lagers but with the Giga Coaster Lager, they went all Americanized with the malts and hops, making it more drinkable with just a touch of hops at the end.

The initial release of the Giga Coaster Lager is available in cans and draft at Kings Island and the Sonder Brewing taproom located at 8584 Duke Boulevard in Mason, OH. You must be age 21 and up to purchase and consume the Giga Coaster Lager. 

Watch below “The Making of the Giga Coaster Lager” video.