Take a virtual ride on The Beast at Kings Island With Our Roller Coaster POV Videos

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Take a virtual ride on The Beast at Kings Island 

Don Helbig |
April 21, 2020

The Beast is an iconic Kings Island and industry attraction that has brought thrills to literally millions of guests since its debut in 1979.

I was a teenager the first time I sat down in the gleaming red, orange and yellow train during the ride’s inaugural season, and as soon as my first ride was over I couldn’t wait to get back in line and ride it again. And again and again and again. Some 40 years later, the thrill of this ride has never worn out.

Check out the video below to take a virtual ride on The Beast. Sprawl across 35 acres of wooden terrain and 7,359 feet of track, including vertical drops of 135 feet (at a 45-degree angle) and 141 fee (at an 18-degree angle); a 125-foot long underground tunnel; eight banked turns – some to 45 degrees; and a 540-degree helix tunnel finale, all at speeds up to 65 mph on the world’s longest wooden roller coaster!

Ready to ride? Please remain seated and keep hands inside your couch, chair or stool while riding. Enjoy your ride on The Beast!