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Working on the railroad one of the coolest jobs at Kings Island

Don Helbig |
September 1, 2019

Working on one of the two K.I. & Miami Valley Railroad trains is one of the most exciting and coolest jobs at Kings Island. It’s a job I’ve wanted to do since I was nine. Imagine how thrilling it must be to be in charge of driving the Blue No. 12 or Green No. 19 locomotive and transporting guests to and from Soak City Water Park every day.

The train engineer is responsible for not only driving the train, but also monitoring the speed, air pressure, and the other instruments to ensure the engine runs smoothly. They also make sure there is nothing on the tracks ahead, make adjustments for the slight grades, sounds the train whistle before and after leaving the depot and as the train approaches crossings, and rings the bell.

In the old days of steam trains, if you were interested in becoming an engineer on a real railroad, it would take several years to properly learn all the skills and techniques necessary to become an engineer. At Kings Island, you can be taught these skills in a short amount of time. However, with steam engines, in order to really appreciate the job of the engineer you need to have a thorough understanding of what’s happening in the boiler. The fireman is part of the operating system, and that position is a challenge to master. You have to know how to make just the right amount of steam to make the train run.

For those who have dreamed of being an engineer or fireman on a real authentic steam engine, Kings Island is a place where that dream can come true. 

This fall, we’ll be giving our KI Blog readers a look at what it’s like to ride in the cab of one of our locomotives.