Beast Roller Coaster Construction

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Beast roller coaster construction completed 40 years ago this week.

Don Helbig |
March 13, 2019

Construction on the legendary Beast roller coaster at Kings Island was completed, after two years of research and design – all by Kings Island personnel – 40 years ago this week.

By the time workmen had completed the massive Beast construction, they had used 650,000 board feet of southern pine lumber; 37,500 pounds of nails; 82,480 bolts and washers and 2,432 square yards of concrete.

When The Beast first opened April 14, 1979, it was the longest and fastest roller coaster in the world. It still holds the title as the longest wooden roller coaster in the world at 7,359 feet.

Miss riding The Beast? Perhaps taking a virtual ride will hold you over until Kings Island opens for the 2019 season on April 20.

The Kings Island Blog will serve as the hub for all Beast 40th anniversary news and content. Fans of the ride will be encouraged to visit the blog and share stories of their favorite Beast memories. Other blog features will include a timeline detailing significant moments in the ride’s history, fun facts, behind-the-scenes meet-up opportunities and more.