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Feel at home with Fischer Homes Family Care Center 

Natalie Belfiglio |
July 11, 2019

The Fischer Homes Family Care Center is perfect for parents who are visiting Kings Island with infants and toddlers. Consider it your home away from home with all the comforts and amenities, such as two large family restrooms, several changing areas equipped with baby wipes, a nursing area with comfortable seating, storage cubbies for nursing supplies, a kitchen with a dining table and appliances for guest use, plus a small section for children to enjoy a book or movie while staying cool.

Also provided for parents while they stay out of the heat with the kids are outlets for phone charging and they can also register for Kid-Track, which is a service the park offers to quickly unite separated children and parents with cell phones.

For those interested in utilizing the Family Care Center on their next visit, please take a look through the following tips to best prepare you for a simple and timely experience.

  1. Strollers are not permitted within the facility for Fire & Safety purposes. Please leave your stroller parks at the brick edging surrounding the Family Care Center.
  2. To make your item placement and retrieval simpler, please attach a tag with your name and contact information to any nursing supply bag you will be temporarily storing during your visit.
  3. Please come prepared with appropriately sized diapers for your child. The Family Care Center maintains only a small supply of emergency extra diapers, and cannot guarantee any will be available upon your visit.
  4. The Family Care Center does not provide space to store an entire lunch for a large family. However, those who must store food they brought due to their child’s dietary restrictions or nursing mothers with milk that must be chilled are free to utilize the refrigerator space.
  5. In order to maintain the utmost cleanliness and sanitary standards, please ensure that you clean up after your children, especially when utilizing the changing stations. Our Family Care Center associate will always wipe down a station after it has been used, but should you have any concerns or particularly messy situations, please let them know so that they may contact our Park Services professionals to attend to the matter.
  6. Please come prepared to utilize your time within the Family Care Center. As this space is intended to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for families with young children, crowding tends to disrupt the atmosphere. Please be mindful of other families within the space and be efficient in your use of this facility.

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