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Kings Island announces important updates regarding the rest of the 2020 Season. Learn More.

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New Kings Mills Antique Autos making adults nostalgic and kids wanting to ride again

Natalie Belfiglio

Social Media Coordinator - Kings Island 

You heard it here first. The new Kings MIlls Antique Autos are a hit! Rain or shine, opening weekend at Kings Island was a success. It is truly incredible to see guests come from all over and get to be some of the first to experience this blast from the past. Here's what some of the first riders had to say.

“I really liked it, it’s good to see something back to the park that I did when I was a kid. I was the first guest to ride it and I’m super excited. I love all the nostalgia with the billboards!”  

“I used to ride the originals, back when I was a kid. It’s amazing that I get to take my son on it now. We had to be here rain or shine!”

“I love it! I used to ride the original with my grandparents all the time and it is my kids favorite ride. It feels amazing to be able to take my kids on a ride that I rode as a kid!”

“I was skeptical at first, but the references, the gas station, and just coasting next to The Racer was so cool! We loved it so much!”

“I grew up with the old ride, and with the new one, it’s not that much different. You can still smell the smells, and the track is the same, the bridge is the same. I loved the billboards, I loved seeing the Zodiac references!”

“I love it! I remember riding the old one. The landscaping is better and I like the water features as you go over the bridge. I love all the references!”

“It was fun! It’s really cool to take my kids on a ride that I rode as a kid.”

“I love it! I love it! It’s nice because my daughter got to drive me around. We were over the moon when we found out that Antique Autos was coming back!”

“I grew up with the original ride and I’ve been telling the kids all winter that we were coming to Passholder night for this ride!”

“It was really good, longer than I thought it would be. I liked the layout and I loved the billboards!”

Guests are loving the new ride and the small, but significant details that were added throughout the ride, including the billboards with old attractions being advertised, the Zodiac gas station and the oil cans that can be seen through the windows as you drive by.

As you can see, the newest attraction at Kings Island is making adults nostalgic and kids wanting to get back in line and ride the Kings Mills Antique again!

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Natalie Belfiglio

Social Media Coordinator - Kings Island 

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