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Six easy ways to save money at Kings Island

Kelly Obbie

Social Media Coordinator - Kings Island

Family fun is even more enjoyable when you’re getting the most out of your dollar. Saving money at Kings Island is easy when you know the right tricks. Check out these money-saving tips to get the best value for your time and money when you visit. 

1. Buy online

Kings Island often slashes prices on admission and parking if you buy online rather than at the park, plus you’ll save time waiting in line at the admissions windows when you arrive. Visit the tickets page for details.

2. Buy at Kroger

Milk, eggs, bread, Kings Island tickets! Save big when you buy your tickets at Kroger. Look for the display at the front of your local store.

3. Two Day Ticket

From coasters to shows to Soak City, sometimes you can’t do the whole park in one day. Rather than paying for two separate tickets, get a Two Day Ticket and spend a second day at the park, including at Soak City Water Park, for a lower price. Your visits don’t have to be on consecutive days! 

4. All Inclusive Ticket

This ticket lets you experience virtually everything in the park for a cheaper price than purchasing everything separately. It gives you the best value on every part of your day, from saving money on meals to saving time waiting in line for rides. Save up to $99 a person when you buy online and get the following:

  • One Single Day Admission ticket
  • Parking
  • Fast Lane Plus
  • All Day Dining
  • One Regular Souvenir Bottle
  • One Single Day FunPix Photo Pass

5. After 4 p.m. Admission Ticket

There’s tons to do at the park after 4 p.m., including live shows and Soak City Water Park, and when you purchase an After 4 p,m. Ticket, you’ll beat the daytime heat and crowds, all for a cheaper admission cost. Don’t forget that the park is open until midnight every Saturday through July 29. 

6. Coaster Combo Ticket

This one is great for the coaster enthusiasts or those who just can’t choose one amusement park to visit. Get one day at Cedar Point and one day at Kings Island any day the parks are open to the public during the season through Oct. 28. Between the two parks, you have access to 34 of the best roller coasters in the world, including Mystic Timbers, Steel Vengeance, The Beast and Millennium Force.

Family fun on a budget doesn’t have to be a hassle when planning a visit to Kings Island. Check out our tickets page and our season pass page for even more ways to save. 

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Kelly Obbie

Social Media Coordinator - Kings Island

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