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Planet Snoopy at Kings Island fun for the whole family

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Planet Snoopy fun for the whole family

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For families with young kids or even those who are simply young at heart, Planet Snoopy is the perfect place to spend the day. Voted “Best Kids’ Area in the World” 16 consecutive years by Amusement Today, Planet Snoopy features an elaborate collection of PEANUTS-themed family rides and attractions, including kiddie rides specifically designed for children. And if you have children less than 48 inches tall, it would likely get your vote too.

Many of the rides in Planet Snoopy are designed for children and their parents or grandparents to enjoy together, such as the Character Carousel, Flying Ace Aerial Chase, Kite Eating Tree, The Great Pumpkin Coaster and Race For Your Life Charlie Brown.

If interactive experiences are more your family’s speed, Planet Snoopy hosts meet-and-greet opportunities with your favorite pals from PEANUTS TV shows and comic strips – Snap a picture of your little ones meeting Snoopy and Charlie Brown for the first time. Or, head over to Snoopy's Barnyard Friends, a petting farm with 50 animals for guests of all ages to learn about and interact with. Ducks, rabbits, sheep, goats, alpacas, miniature horses, steers, pot bellied pigs, and additional exotic animals are featured.

When tummies start to rumble, enjoy Planet Snoopy’s famous blue ice cream. It’s a must-experience part of visiting the park and it’s become multi-generational. Parents who grew up eating it now share it with their own children; grandparents who had it with their children continue to enjoy it with their grandkids. Enjoying a blue ice cream together is often the best part of the day with every visit to Kings Island.

For families that function best first thing in the morning, you can enjoy select attractions in Planet Snoopy 30 minutes before the park opens every public operating day with a Gold Season Pass.

There are 100 reasons to have a Gold Season Pass to Kings Island, including Planet Snoopy. Create memories that will last a lifetime for you and your family with a Gold Season Pass for as low as six easy payments of $18. Hurry! Gold Season Pass offer ends May 29.

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Don Helbig

As area manager, digital marketing at Kings Island, I manage the park's social media efforts. My Kings Island career began in 2007 as the 364-acre amsuement and water park's public relations area manager. I grew up visiting Kings Island, which makes it incredibly special to be part of the team to celebrate 45 years of providing world-class fun, thrills and quality family entertainment.

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