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Monday, January 7th, 2013

Pictured here is the blue engine No. 12 from the K.I. & Miami Valley Railroad departing from the Rivertown Station in 1972, the year the ride and the park opened.  Over the past 41 years, more than 50 million rides have been given on Kings Island's locomotives, which are scale replicas of the famous 1800's locomotive known as The General, which was the subject of the Great Locomotive Chase of the American Civic War. 

Some interesting observations about the train in the image:

- The split firewood is not yet mounted along the perimeter of the tender.

- The smokebox stack up front resembles a wood burner flared out stack like the green No. 19 engine, not the straight up, coal burner style the No. 12 engine has today.

- Guests are sitting in the very front car versus the conductor.

- The tender still had the shorter, vertical, yellow hand railings versus the much higher ones that were installed about a decade ago.

- A rides conductor is standing on the running board of the second car.  They were known to walk along the running boards back in those days.


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