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May 15

Wednesday FriendsDay

May 17


May 18

PiviP - Esports Tournament & Video Game Conference

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Kings Island All Season Dining

All Season Dining

As Low As $122

Add All Season Dining to your Season Pass and enjoy lunch and dinner every visit in 2019!

Only valid for 2019 visits.

All Season Drink Refill

All Season Drink Refills

Only $29.99

Get unlimited refills every visit in 2019 with the All Season Souvenir Bottle, or go bottle free with the Season Pass Drink Plan!

Only valid for 2019 visits.

2019 Gold Passes

2019 Gold Passes

Enjoy Unlimited Visits and Free Parking all season. Includes Unlimited Visits to Soak City, Haunt and WinterFest.

Kings Island Daily Tickets

Daily Tickets

As Low As $47.99

Single day admission, Fast Lane bundles, advance parking and more!

Kings Island FunPix


As Low As $24.99

Get unlimited digital photos all day or all season with a FunPix photo pass!

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@KingsIslandPR already has some annuals out. Less than a month before they start showing up @HydeParkCC. Oh, and, water feature in the background #fountains #flowers -- @HPGCCplantman
First trip to @KingsIslandPR of the year. Had a great day. Park looked great. Going to be a great year. #KingsIsland #KIBestDay #KIOpeningDay2019 -- @jallie79
We had a great time at @KingsIslandPR kicking off the season! Antique Autos was great a great addition, and I really like the location. The International Street renovations are nothing short of AMAZING!!! The attention to detail, not just coasters, is what makes KI a great park! -- @EJames823
Waited 2 hours and yes it was worth it! #beast40 #kingsisland #ridewarriors #fyffefullyeverafter @KingsIslandPR @KICentral -- @Loverofpugs95
Our Kings Mills Antique Autos gallery is here w/ some great pictures of #Easter eggs all over the ride and some great angles showing off the spectacular placement of the ride @KingsIslandPR! #WGT #Newfor2019 #KIAntiques #KingsIsland #KI2019 #eastereggs -- @WildGravityTrvl
First @KingsIslandPR opening day together in the books! #KIBestDay ❤️ -- @sallyboyer_
FunPix at @KingsIslandPR features a new 40th Anniversary border of The Beast! -- @CPFoodBlog
About to take my first ride on Kings Mill Antique Autos!!! @KingsIslandPR #AmazingLooksLike #KingsIsland #KIOpeningDay2019 #KIBestDay -- @ThrillingMoment
@KingsIslandPR the antique cars are precious omg childhood memories flooding back rn -- @__peterquill__
Happy 40th Birthday Beast! @KingsIslandPR #kingsisland #Beast40 -- @CPRundown
Bravo! @chefmajor72 you kicked it out of the ballpark with the Miami River Brew House at @KingsIslandPR - This is amazing food!!! -- @thedaveyboyshow
Great to be back at Kings Island for the start of another season #openingday #amusementparks #rollercoasters @KingsIslandPR -- @WDWstarport75
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