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Level 5 - Aggressive Thrill

At a Glance

Location: Rivertown
Duration: 3 minutes
Height Requirement: 54 inches
Manufacturer: Bolliger and Mabillard
Speed: 80 mph

Ride Information

Diamondback is a high-speed steel roller coaster with a combination of banked turns and airtime humps. A lap bar and seatbelt secures each rider across the thighs and pelvis. This ride may not accommodate riders of a larger size. Guests with casts are not permitted to ride. Leg amputations must be below the ankle. Due to manufacturer requirements, a prosthetic leg is not a substitute for a leg amputation, Guests with any type of arm prosthetics should not ride unless they can ensure the device is properly secured and will remain in place during the ride. Guests with any type of foot prosthetics will not be permitted to ride. 

WARNING: This ride contains strobe lighting and utilizes magnetic systems during the ride. 


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