KI Trivia

KI Trivia

How well do you know Kings Island?   We have 40 years of history, so be prepared to really test your knowledge!

Did You Know?

Susan Perkins, “Miss America of 1978,” worked as a live shows performer at Kings Island.
When the park’s famous replica Eiffel Tower was originally painted, in 1971, it took 1,000 gallons of paint.
The park’s famous carousel was originally at Old Coney Island. The carousel was manufactured by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, Philadelphia, in 1926. During the 1937 flood, when it was in operation at Coney Island, some of the horses were swept down the river. A reward was offered for them, or pieces of them, and parts were returned from as far away as Memphis, TN. In 1968, the carousel was completely restored and it took one man, Bill Tull, seven months to hand paint the horses.
The original name of the Woodstock Express roller coaster was Scooby Doo. 
The Racer roller coaster has given more than 99 million rides since 1972, the most in park history. 
The Fairfield Marching Band performed as part of the Opening Day Ceremonies on April 29, 1972.
Fresh Horses starring Molly Ringwald. 
Carmen Electra, then known as Tara Patrick, was a dancer in the 1990's show, "It's Magic" in the Kings Island Theater on International Street.
The Fountain on International Street is 320 feet long -- more than the length of a football field! 
There are 11 remaining rides that opened with Kings Island in 1972:  The Racer, Eiffel Tower, Grand Carousel, Scrambler, Monster, Dodgem, Linus' Beetle Bugs, Race for Your Life Charlie Brown, K.I. & Miami Valley Railroad, Peanuts Off-Road Rally and Woodstock Express.
During the design phase of Kings Island, the proposed name for the Rivertown section of the park was Frontiertown.  The name was changed to Rivertown prior to the park's opening in 1972. 
The Brady Bunch filmed one of its most popular episodes,  "The Cincinnati Kids," in 1973 at Kings Island. 
Amazon Falls was the original name of Congo Falls when the attraction opened in 1988 at Kings Island. 
The Grand Carousel features a total of 48 horses.  There are 28 jumping horses and 20 stationary horses.  The horses on the outer ring are stationary.  The middle ring features the "jumping horses" while the inner ride is made up of both.

Adventure Express is celebrating its 25th anniversary this season.
Construction of Kings Island began on June 15, 1970. 

The original marketing slogan for the park when Kings Island opened in 1972 was "C'mon, Get Happy."

Kings Island's locomotives are scale replicas of the famous 1800's locomotive known as The General, which was the subject of The Great Locomotive Chase of the American Civil War.
One of America’s most unusual Bicentennial Celebrations that year took place at Kings Island when band leader, Paul Revere, was married on July 4 in front of the park’s American Heritage Music Hall (now named Kings Island Theater). All members of his Raiders band were dressed in authentic American Revolutionary uniforms.
The last year of operation for Sky Ride was 1979.  The ride was among the attractions transported from Cincinnati's Coney Island for the park's opening in 1972.  The Sky Ride gave 12,273,796 rides during its eight seasons of operation at Kings Island.