Large Groups

Company Outings

Tab - Discount Tickets Big Savings for Them – No Cost to You.
With our consignment tickets, your employees can visit any day that works for them in the 2015 season with substantial savings off regular-priced admission. Consignment tickets allow you to by-pass ticket lines, and with no money up front you only pay for what you sell!

With the discounted admission price, a consignment ticket is an affordable way to reward key employees and customers. We’ll even supply you with a tool kit of materials to help promote the program.

How much would a day at Kings Island cost me?
Tab - Catered Events


You’d be surprised how inexpensive it is to stuff your employees with our all-you-can-eat buffet options! We also discount your admission tickets even further when you add a meal option to your outing.

Here’s where the full service event team really comes in handy. Planning a picnic can be hard work and full of little details. We do it every day so why not let us do the work for you? You select the number of entrees you want, choose your side items and dessert and we do the rest.

How much would a day at Kings Island cost me?
Tab - Non-Catered Events The Group that Plays Together, Stays Together.
Bring your employees to the park for an organized outing. Let loose, have fun, try something new for a change. Eat blue ice cream with your kids, dance with Snoopy, or try getting to know the families of your co-workers; you hear about them every day, now put a face to the name!

Outings are perfect for employee benefits or incentives, customer reward programs, sales promotion programs, just about anything, the possibilities are endless!

How much would a day at Kings Island cost me?

Tab - Team Building Kings Island is a perfect setting for leadership training and team building events. We work with several professional training and development organizations in the area. We’ll partner you up with the right facilitator and develop a program inside our 375-acre “lab”.

A day at Kings Island encourages employee interaction and camaraderie, can strengthen teamwork, break down awkward barriers and renew trust, all of which leads to greater productivity. Call it a small investment well spent.
Tab - Contact You’ll be very impressed with our sales & event management team. They are professional, fun, friendly and most importantly…they care about your event.

We want you to be a hero in your company. After your initial contact, we take over. You tell us what your group needs and we do the work from there. We help you through every step, allowing you to by-pass the little details. You get the credit and most importantly, get to enjoy the event too!