Survivor Stories
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While Kings Island specializes in thrill-inducing attractions with 200-foot drops, the park is also pretty good at raising hope.  During “Pink Days” at Kings Island August 1-24, guests can experience all the thrills the 364-acre amusement and waterpark has to offer while having an opportunity to help make an impact during the fourth annual Kings Island for the Cure campaign to raise money in the fight against breast cancer.

Survivor Stories

My name is Angie Watts and I am a 7-year survivor.  Four days after my 33rd birthday, my life changed forever when my breast cancer was found in a routine mammogram.  I'd just lost my mother 15 months before to breast cancer, so naturally I was scared when I was diagnosed, but thankfully, my cancer was caught early and I survived!

Now, I am very vocal about young women as well as older women getting routing screenings because it saved my life! I was diagnosed in 2005 with Stage I breast cancer, but because of early detection, I didn't have to endure to horrors of chemotheraphy. I completed 33 radiation treatments and 5 years of a Tamoxifen regimine. Every year I have my annual mammogram and to recieve the "all clear"! I'm so blessed and so very thankful to have been given another chance at life!

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 39.  My children were 4 and first thought was would I live long enough to see them graduate from school, go to college or get married?  I did four months of chemotherapy and have had many surgeries. I'm thankful to say that in September I will be a five year survivor.

This experience changed my many friends and family loved and supported us during my treatments and surgeries and now it's time for us to give back. We are part of Team Ta-Tas and we work year round to raise money for Susan G Komen for the Cure. It is great to see that 75% of the money raised by Komen stays here in Cincinnati for education and support of women in our community. It is great to see Kings Island hosting a program like this to help our community. Our family had a great time at the final day of Kings Island for the Cure and we are looking forward to participating again this year! Sign up to volunteer - you will have a great time!

I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2008.  Luckily I was already a patient at Barrett Cancer Center - Hematology dept.  A cancer team was called and my journey began with several consults because I’m taking an injection of Arixtra (blood thinner) for my antiphospholipid anti-body syndrome a rare blood disorder that caused me several dvt's, clots, internal bleeding and pulmonary emboli.. every procedure I will have, my hematologist is consulted. I had core biopsy that showed I have triple negative aggressive ductal carcinoma in situ, so 3 weeks later had surgery..that morning of surgery, my mother who just turned 90 in 8/14/2008 passed away..she was never sick, no breast cancer, just got old... though I already knew of my biopsy results, I’m glad I never told her when I talk to her on her birthday.  We proceeded with the surgery.  Soon I was getting chemotheraphy and later, radiation.  As a patient with heart problems, and was paralyzed in 2002 after a stroke, I didn’t think breast cancer would also be a part of my life. 

I started to read and learn almost everything about breast cancer, the way I tackled all the other medical problems that had complicated our lives.  I have great support from my husband and my daughter, relatives and friends kept us in their prayers.  I attended several cancer programs/fundraisers, had a BRAC analysis to make sure I am not carrying the genes.  I worried for my daughter and pray no one else has to go through this.  The results were negative, it brought us comfort and peace. I had TAH to ward off ovarian cancer,I was healthy and cancer-free in May 2009. We were at a Bengals game late Oct. 2010, I suffered difficulty in breathing, it went away as I rested until the 3rd of November, at my doctor's office, I can't breathe thinking I may have another pulmonary emboli... 6 hours later after an x-ray and a scan, I was informed the cancer is back with a vengeance! A biopsy confirmed I am now stage 4 with metastases to the lungs...NO CURE!

My family came for my appointment with my oncologist and was told though there is no cure, there are treatments, my daughter asked the Dr. what will happen then? He told us that if treatments are not successful they will make sure I will be comfortable and without pain.. at the hospital, a hospice or at home.. we are looking at 8 months to a year! plus I have other medical issues..My daughter got tears in her eyes.. I was devastated, but did not lose my faith and kept my positive attitude to prove them wrong. I stood up and told the Oncologist if I can start Chemo treatments right away.. if that is what needs to be done!.. and I did...after 2nd chemo I was breathing better, a PET scan in January 2011 showed only traces of the 3 tumor is seen. I continued the hard chemo treatments no matter how weak I was getting but my spirit was strong. There had to be a cure!

In March 2011, another PET scan revealed the tumors are gone, I am breathing well. My chemo lasted from Nov. 2010 to Dec. 2011...My faith and belief kept me strong and I continued to gain strength, I feel a lot better..I smiled and prayed a lot.. I survived the harsh chemo treatments, with it's side effects, it caused me pulmonary fibrosis. I can't walk far or go on an incline, or I lose oxygen. I am seeing a pulmonarist since April 2012 and wears oxygen in my sleep, where ever I go I carry a portable oxygen concentrator...I AM ALIVE, and I feel great!

I continue to attend seminars, programs learning about metastatic breast cancer... I volunteer and help wherever I am needed. My husband had been my caregiver, my greatest source of strength and now, my companion in volunteering and attending events for cancer. he is also now a co-cancer survivor, diagnosed in March 2012 with prostate cancer, had surgery and is now cancer-free.. We are blessed!

For breast cancer, I believe there is hope for a cure, and together, WE can make this world a better place for the next generations to come! More people help in raising funds for the research and spreading the word.. we will have a world without breast cancer, for our children, grandchildren...the women of tomorrow! FAITH is my cure..... and I am alive... I am thankful each day I wake up and enjoy life.

At 36yrs old and the mother of a small child, I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. ( I had no family history and genetic testing came back negative.) Giving up was not an option! So I opted for a bilateral mastectomy. I went through aggressive chemo and radiation. It was the worst time of my life. I've recently had reconstruction surgery. And today, two and a half years later, I'm alive and in remission. YAY! Thank God I didn't give up!!!

Hi my name is Cindy Neiser. I am a two and a half year survivor. Diagnosed at 32, was devastating. I have 3 children and they have been a blessing to have through all this. It really made them grow up fast. I have faith that this will be over soon and this really has made me into a stronger person.

I am celebrating twelve years of survivorship. I take one day at a time and enjoy it to the fullest. After a diagnosis of cancer, family, friends, and your faith become the most important things in life. Through all of this, I have realized I'm a strong woman and I can tackle most anything life has in store for me. Remember there is always HOPE!!!