Tyrannosaurus Rex



King of the tyrant lizards

Late Cretaceous - 65 Mya

North America: Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Wyoming, Alberta

Length: Over 13 meters (over 40 feet)
Height: 4 meters tall (13 ft)
Weight: 6,000 kg (14,000 lbs)

Did Tyrannosaurus rex live in a family group or have discoveries of groups of T. rex fossils varying in ages from juvenile to very senior adult tell us something different? It’s impossible to know. What is interesting is that T. rex was not the solitary, lone wolf predator stalking the landscape as has often been depicted.

The fossil evidence indicates individuals must have come together and that young Tyrannosaurus rex engaged in the type of inter-species face biting play which may have passed a parasitic infection, now seen in modern raptors such as hawks and falcons, to other members of the group.