Perforated lizard

Late Cretaceous – 70 – 65 Mya

North America: Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Utah and Saskatchewan

Length: 9 meters (30 feet)
Height: 2 meters (7 feet)
Weight: 4 – 6 tonnes (8,818 – 13,228 lb)

In 2010 some paleontologists suggested that Torosaurus was actually the fully mature version of Triceratops. If this theory is accepted it would mean that the name Torosaurus would fade into history. The name Triceratops would take precedent because it is the name that was first established. However, those fans of Torosaurus need not worry yet. In 2011, another researcher specializing in ceratopsians, or horned face dinosaurs, concluded that the type of bone growth needed to change the appearance of the frill from the “Triceratops” to the adult Torosaurus was unlikely.

What conclusions will the coming years reveal?