Mamenchi Lizard (a construction site where it was found)

Late Jurassic – 161 - 146 Mya

China: Ximmin and Zigong in Sichuan Province

Length: up to 25 meters (80 feet)
Weight: 15,000 kg (33,000 lb)

Discovered during construction of a highway in 1954, Mamenchisaurus is known for its incredibly long neck which made up half of its total body length. The vertebrae in the neck, body and tail were light and hollow but that did not mean that Mamenchisaurus could lift its head high. Instead, during feeding, the dinosaur most likely stood in one spot with its small head horizontal and swept it back and forth while gathering food.

In 2001 more Mamenchisaurus fossils were discovered including four fused vertebrae belonging to the tip of the tail, which indicates the tail’s use as a weapon, similar to other bony tail clubs from the Jurassic Period found in Omeisaurus and Shunosaurus.