Ornate horned face

Late Cretaceous – 76.4 – 75.5 Mya

USA, Utah

Length: 5 meters (15 feet)
Height: under 2 meters (approximately 6 feet) tall at the hips
Weight: 2.5 tonnes (5,511 lb)

Unearthed in 2010 Kosmoceratops is part of series of discoveries that have recently expanded the number of species in the ceratopsia, or horned-face, family of herbivorous dinosaurs. The most ornate skull of any known dinosaur with 10 hooks extending from the short, broad neck frill and 15 horn-like structures, Kosmoceratops is closely allied with Chasmosaurus from Alberta.

Chasmosaurines first appeared in Laramidia around 90 – 80 million years ago and had dispersed around the continent by 77 million years ago, finally giving rise to later species such as Triceratops.