Kings Island announces 900 positions available at $18/hour

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Kings Island announces 900 positions available at $18/hour

Chad Showalter |
May 28, 2021

Kings Island has announced it has 900 positions at $18/hr. for the 2021 season. Positions available include Food & Beverage, Lifeguards and Security associates. All other positions available at the park (ages 16+) pay $15/hr.

“For the Cincinnati and Dayton area, Kings Island has been a preferred employer for so many since the parked opened in 1972,” said Mike Koontz, Kings Island’s vice president and general manager. “This increase in pay will help us remain the employer of choice and continue to deliver the fun and memorable experiences our guests expect from a visit to Kings Island.”

All Other Positions Pay $15/hr. with Bonus Pay Up to $3,000

The availability of labor continues to be a challenge for many industries. In addition to raising pay for select positions, Kings Island recently raised wages for all other positions (ages 16+) to $15/hr. Additionally, the park is introducing a new bonus program where these associates are now eligible to earn up to a $3,000 bonus.

Seasonal job opportunities are available in all park operating areas, including Rides, Lifeguards, Food and Beverage, Merchandise, Park Services, Guest Services, Security and more.

Kings Island offers flexible schedules and many perks for its associates, including discounts, reward and recognition programs, free meals, exclusive events and free admission to any Cedar Fair park. For more information about Kings Island’s seasonal and full time employment opportunities and to submit an application, please click here.