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New Collectible Pins from Kings Island in 2020

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Kings Island releases new pins for 2020

Kyle Kruthoffer

Video Content Producer 

Pin trading/collecting could be traced back to the mid nineteenth-century with the origin of the sport curling, as some of the oldest trading pins came from curling clubs. While Kings Island may not offer curling, we certainly do offer an array of collector’s pins that are a must-have for park experts and Cincinnati natives.

Kings Island Collectible Orion Pin

New this year to the lineup are a couple goodies. First we have three 2-packs of limited edition Area 72 pins. The first one comes with an Orion colored logo and an Area 72 pin. The second comes with a highly-detailed Flight of Fear logo and a Bureau of Paranormal Activity pin. The third comes with a metallic Orion logo and a Project X Initiative pin. 

New Kings Island Collectible Pins

And if you happen to love PEANUTS and giga coasters, then boy do I have a pin for you. The daring Space Beagle Snoopy takes to the stars on Orion in a one-of-a-kind collectors pin.

Next up we have the Festhaus featuring Glockenspiel (readers may remember when the Kings Island Blog first announced Glockenspiel’s return in 2019). 

Kings Island 2020 Collectible Pins

Arrow Dynamics fans will want to grab the Vortex memorial pin, paying tribute to riders who felt its grip during its 33 seasons of operation.

Kings Island Vortex Commemorative Pin

Adventure Express is also getting some love as you can now find its daring ride signage on its own pin. 

Kings Island New 2020 Collectors Pins

Last but certainly not least, my personal favorite is the Phantom Theater pin. Kings Island fans will remember this unique dark ride operating from 1992-2002. Visitors would board their “Doom Buggy” to tour a haunted theater where they would be entertained by ghostly performers from long ago.

 I hope you “hurry baaaaack” to pick up these limited edition pins while you still can.



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Kyle Kruthoffer

Video Content Producer 

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