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Kings Island GM presents 13 more associates with the Over The Top award

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Kings Island GM presents 13 more seasonal and part-time associates with the Over The Top award

Don Helbig

Area Manager Digital Marketing - Kings Island

Twitter: @DonHelbig 


Earlier this month, we shared with our Kings Island Blog readers a new initiative the park’s vice president and general manager, Mike Koontz, has introduced that recognizes seasonal and part-time associates who are going “Over The Top” to make our guests experience memorable and exceeding their expectations.

While 2020 has not be a year that anyone envisioned, the expectation of delivering the best experience possible for our guests remains what the park holds itself accountable for.

Below are 13 seasonal and part-time associates who this past week were recipients of the Over The Top award: 

Addison, Human Resources

Kings Island Over The Top Award Recipient

Allen, Park Services

Kings Island GM presenting employees with the Over the Top Award

Becky, Games

Kings Island Employees presented with the Over the Top Award

Colby, Games

Part-Time Employees presented with the Over the Top Award at Kings Island

Devin, Admissions

Part-Time associate presented with Over the Top Award at Kings Island

Emilee, Merchandise

Kings Island General Manager presenting the Over the Top Award to employees

Jayde, Games

Josh, Food and Beverage

Katie, Park Services

Marcy, First Aid

Megan, Operations

Mitch, Live Entertainment

Teresa, Food and Beverage

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Don Helbig

Area Manager Digital Marketing - Kings Island

Twitter: @DonHelbig 


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