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Kings Island

Kings Island announces important updates regarding the rest of the 2020 Season. Learn More.

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Quirky finds at Kings Island

Natalie Belfiglio

Social Media Coordinator - Kings Island 

Quirky is an adjective that is defined as being characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits. I set out to find the quirkiest things in all of our shops and with the help of some associates, I certainly didn’t come up empty-handed. Not only do we have thrilling rides, we have merchandise to go with it here at Kings Island.

Collector Patches & Pins

Let’s start out with a park favorite. Even though some rides have come and gone throughout the years, the popular ones have been immortalized through collector’s pins and patches. Celebrate your favorite retired coasters with patches and check out our other pins that commemorate old rides such as Flying Eagles, Wild Animal Habitat, and The Screamin’ Demon. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for pins and patches that show our current rides either! Collector’s patches and pins can be found at Emporium and KI Essentials on International Street, Coaster Connection in Action Zone and the DB Trading Post in Rivertown.

Banshee Tombstone Pen

Want to take home something different to remember your time on Banshee? We have the souvenir for you. This Banshee tombstone pen will look great on your desk at work and remind you that the week is almost over and you can come back to Kings Island during the weekend. You can find these pens over at Emporium, you can also get the same tombstone but without the pen feature.


No question marks about this next quirky item. Forget “The Beast” merchandise, you can actually buy the tables that the merchandise sits on. Yes, you read that correctly. The side table, coffee table and dining table all have price tags. If you’re really interested, please feel free to ask an associate about the prices of each. Talk about a conversation piece to have in your home. You can find these tables at the KI Trading Company.

Mystic Timbers Hot Sauce

Here’s something that’ll get your taste buds ablaze. If you’re someone who enjoys a good hot sauce or just food in general, what better souvenir to take home with you! You can find this Mystic Timbers Jalapeno Hot Sauce at the DB Trading Post in Rivertown. Enjoy!

Snoopy Hot Dog Toaster AND Gummy Candy Maker

Can’t get enough of the PEANUTS gang? Here’s another cool way to take them home with you. Summer just isn’t complete without hot dogs and gummies. It’s a great souvenir and you’ll think of the amazing time you had at Kings Island every time you use both of these items!

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Natalie Belfiglio

Social Media Coordinator - Kings Island 

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Kings Island mourns the passing of live shows performer Ally Davis

It is with great sadness that Kings Island mourns the loss of one of its live show performers, Ally Davis, who passed away Monday at the age of 21 in a crash with a tractor-trailer on Interstate 75 in Kentucky.
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Refuel at the new Meteor Canteen Consumption Station in Area 72 at Kings Island 

The new Orion giga coaster isn’t the only thing drawing rave reviews from guests since Kings Island opened for the 2020 season. The new Meteor Canteen located in Area 72 has also been a big hit.
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Orion apparel and souvenirs available at Kings Island 

You’ll never forget your out of this world experience on Orion when take home souvenirs of one of only seven giga coasters in the world. And at speeds up to 91 mph, it’s also one of the fastest coasters in the world.
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Kings Island's new Orion roller coaster is out of this world

Orion made its long-awaited public debut July 2, when Kings Island opened for the 2020 season to Season Passholders. The lure of Orion was strong, even for the non-riders who hurried to the new Area 72 theme area just to get a glimpse of the giga coaster’s massive structure.
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Orion first riders raise $160,000 for A Kid Again

Tonight’s first official riders aboard Kings Island’s new Orion roller coaster raised $160,000 for A Kid Again, a nonprofit organization which exists to foster hope, happiness and healing for families raising kids with life-threatening illnesses through fun-filled group activities and events. A Kid Again families are invited to participate in these adventures from the age of diagnosis until the child reaches age 20 through funds raised from events such as this.
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2020 Media Tour at Kings Island: Two important stories to tell about this season 

Today marks the eve of Opening Day at Kings Island. At least for passholders who have made a reservation to visit the park for the first time of the season when the gates open on Thursday, July 2. As is tradition, we hosted a small media event for local and regional reporters and photographers.
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Daily ticket sales now available

Kings Island will be open with limited capacity to Season Passholders July 2-11, with others admitted beginning July 10.
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Sweet treats homemade for guests 

As opening day for our season passholders is less than a week away, Kyle Kruthoffer check in on our amazing Sweet Spot confectioners to give you a little “taste” on what they've been up to.
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Official Orion POV video released

The wait is finally over! The first official POV video of the new Orion roller coaster at Kings Island. Designed exclusively for Kings Island by Switzerland-based Bolliger & Mabillard, Orion makes its public debut July 2 when Kings Island opens for the 2020 season to season passholders.
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