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A Walk in the Park at Kings Island: A tale of loops and food

Natalie Belfiglio

Social Media Coordinator - Kings Island 

Welcome back to a walk in the park at Kings Island! What are we talking about this week? Well the title says, “A Tale of Loops and Food”. Should we talk about loops on a roller coaster? Grand Carnivale food or fudge?

Well for food, I’m going with Grand Carnivale. I’m going to do an in depth tour of Sweet Spot and make that a whole project. Stay tuned!  I made a list of all the Grand Carnivale food that I wanted to try when my fiancee Eric met me in the park. The list included Roman Suppli, Bier Käse Spätzle, Vegetable Samosas, Emperor’s Chinese Spare Ribs, Cannolis, and I was torn between Profiteroles and Chinese Donuts. Keep in mind, Eric and I are sharing our food tasting card for our first trip, and sharing another on our hopefully second trip to try everything else and maybe revisit our favorites.

I started in Italy while I waited for Eric to get to the park. I ordered the Roman Suppli (Instead of buying a tasting card I just paid for this one individually) and found a shady spot to enjoy my early dinner. It was a hit for me, especially dipped in the marinara sauce. Eric got to the park in the middle of the Spectacle of Color Parade and we headed over to Germany where we shared the Bier Käse Spätzle. We both agreed we would have to get it on our second trip. It reminded me of mac and cheese but better. We swung by India and I got overruled on my choice of food since I had ordered the Spätzle. However I will say that the Chicken Tandoori taco that Eric and I shared was delicious, but I’m definitely going to have to go back for the Vegetable Samosas.

We took a small break to take a ride on Banshee. The line was ridiculously short and Eric insisted that we ride in the front row. I’m more of a middle of the train rider, but I’m all about conquering fears and really what’s the worst that can happen by riding in the front row? We started up the lift hill and I actually heard the Banshee’s scream before we went down! It’s mildly embarrassing how many times I’ve watched Banshee’s POV video, but I am now a firm believer in the front row, at least on this coaster. It really gives you the illusion of flying, you can see everything! I came off of Banshee a little dizzy but wow was it worth it. AND we got a picture! Just look at our happy faces.

I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t a big fan of roller coasters starting out. My first major (with loops) roller coaster was The Hulk at Universal in Orlando, followed with Revenge of the Mummy when I was in middle school and I got peer pressured by one of my friends TWICE (she is now one of my bridesmaids). Was I terrified? Absolutely. Did I get right back in line for both of them? Absolutely. When I got this job, I knew I had to be brave and conquer all the coasters. Could I do it? Until I started at Kings Island, I hadn’t been on a roller coaster since 2013. Every day I get braver and I’ve conquered a few fears like Vortex and Banshee. Banshee turned into my favorite ride and I still get a little dizzy when I pass Vortex.

Looking back, the loops of a coaster were always what scared me the most. Now down the line, it’s the double corkscrews on Vortex that make my head spin. Loops are now one of my favorite inversions on a coaster, I prefer the bigger loops to the smaller ones though (I’m picky).

Now let’s get back to Grand Carnivale food. After our trip to Action Zone, I needed food, so we headed to China. We ordered the Emperor’s Chinese Spare Ribs and had a rib a piece. AMAZING. The flavor was on point, I also might be biased because I love ribs, but this was my favorite dish of the meals and I was honestly surprised, but the second I took a bite, I was hooked! We used two swipes on desert and it was worth it. The profiteroles were outstanding, Eric could not stop raving about how light and airy they were. Our second desert was, you guessed it, a cannoli. I’ve maybe had one good cannoli before, and every other one has tasted like it came out of the freezer. I knew that wouldn’t be the case as I watched them fill the pastry shell with fresh sweetened ricotta, and dipped each side in chocolate chips and pistachio pieces. It was hands down the best cannoli I’ve ever had, I got the pistachio side and let Eric have the chocolate chip side. Both of these deserts were amazing, and I have a feeling I’ll be getting a second food tasting card to myself just so I can eat more of them and of course try the Baja Banana, Chinese Donuts and Apple Strudel. Be advised, if there is a shortage on cannolis the last few days of Carnivale, I take full responsibility. We used our final swipe on Crêpe Fraise & Chocolate and shared it while we watched the fireworks. Equally good, but nothing beat the Emperor’s Chinese Spare Ribs and cannoli.   

Also I have a new reading obsession, same website, just different series. If you’re keeping up I’ve been reading my way through the “Lost Legends” series. I don’t know what it is, but whoever writes them has the perfect tone and has amazing storytelling skills. Even when it’s going into the details about a ride’s manufacturers or the mechanics, I can actually understand it and even if you don’t there are usually visuals. One of the other cool things is that it includes videos of the rides, so even if they aren’t there anymore you still get a chance to see what they were like as you’re reading about them. Anyway so the series I’m reading now is called “Modern Marvels”. It’s so interesting to read the history of some of my favorite rides. If you need reading material and you enjoy amusement parks, I highly recommend it.

That’s all for this week everyone! The weather is beautiful, Happy 4th of July and don’t forget to check out Grand Carnivale if you haven’t already!

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Natalie Belfiglio

Social Media Coordinator - Kings Island 

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