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What is your Snoopy alter ego?

Kelly Obbie

Social Media Coordinator - Kings Island

What’s your idea of a perfect day? Do you prefer to jump in your plane and take on enemies or cuddle up and write a novel? For Snoopy, the choice depends on the day and which of his many alter egos will make an appearance. Read on to find out which Snoopy alter ego best fits you!

World War I Flying Ace

You’re brave, heroic, and not afraid to stick up to your enemies. Even when the Red Baron is on your tail, you know how to put up a fight and complete your mission. The end may come soon and your plane (doghouse) may nosedive, but you’ll take it with the pride of a noble soldier as your adventure comes to a close until tomorrow.

Joe Cool

You just want to chill out at the student union, man. Who has time to study when being cool is a full time job? Everything is a drag, but you love spending your days by the water fountain trying to chat with the ladies, even if it’s hard to see them when you wear sunglasses indoors. Whatever. Just take in the vibes.

Easter Beagle

Rather than face your enemies or try to act cool, you prefer to spread kindness! Your generosity and love know no bounds, and a perfect day means giving joy to all of your friends through beautiful Easter eggs. Just make sure the end doesn’t justify the means…where did you get all of those decorated eggs, anyway? HERE COMES LUCY! RUN!

World Famous Author

Nothing can help someone escape the world quite like a good book, and you know this better than anyone. You love to read, but you also dream of writing the next great American novel. As your paws take to the keys and you spill your feelings on the page, your stories take shape, and they always seem to start on a dark and stormy night. The publishers don’t recognize your greatness now, but your persistence will pay off one day when you make the best seller list.  

Masked Marvel

Does it always have to be a competition? YES! As an arm wrestling champion and car racing extraordinaire, you love to compete and go for the glory. Nothing tastes better than victory, and you do whatever it takes to win, even if it means bending the rules and taking opponents by surprise. Your foe Lucy didn’t even see that kiss coming!

Whatever persona you choose to play, you can be all of them at Kings Island in Planet Snoopy! The 17-time, award-winning kids’ area takes you into your favorite PEANUTS cartoons with rides and activities every member, from the tallest to the smallest, will enjoy.


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Kelly Obbie

Social Media Coordinator - Kings Island

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