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For the record ...

Don Helbig

Area Manager, Digital Marketing - Kings Island

Roller coaster aficionados who visit Kings Island have 9.2 miles of thrills awaiting them. That’s how far they can travel by riding each of the park’s 16 roller coasters, including each side of The Racer.

To be specific, listed below are the lengths of each of Kings Island’s roller coasters:

  • The Beast 7,359 feet
  • The Racer 6,830 feet (3,415 feet each side)
  • Diamondback 5,282 feet
  • Banshee 4,124 feet
  • The Vortex 3,800
  • Firehawk 3,340 feet
  • Mystic Timbers 3,265 feet
  • Adventure Express 2,963 feet
  • Flight of Fear 2,705 feet
  • The Bat 2,352 feet
  • Invertigo 1,970 feet
  • Backlot Stunt Coaster 1,960 feet
  • Woodstock Express 1,350 feet
  • Flying Ace Aerial Chase 1,129 feet
  • Surf Dog 302 feet
  • The Great Pumpkin Coaster 199 feet

That adds up to 48,930 feet of track, or 9.2 miles of roller coaster excitement!

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Don Helbig

Area Manager, Digital Marketing - Kings Island

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12 things you may not know about The Beast

The Beast is still growling after all these years and shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, it remains Kings Island’s most popular attraction, despite competition from other world-class roller coasters at the park like Banshee, Diamondback and Mystic Timbers. Here are 12 things you may not know about the world’s longest wooden roller coaster – something to keep you busy while waiting to ride.
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7 tips to stay cool at Kings Island this summer

Summer and Kings Island go together in Southwest Ohio like high temperatures and heat warnings. When temperatures climb into the 90's, it can feel hotter than it actually is – dangerously hotter. But there are plenty of ways to beat the heat and stay cool and safe if you find yourself at Kings Island on an extremely hot day. Here are seven easy-to-remember tips that can keep guests from feeling too much of the burn.
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Fischer Homes Family Care Center features all the comforts and conveniences of home

The Fischer Homes Family Care Center is meant for parents visiting the park with infants and toddlers. It features all the comforts and conveniences of home, including two large family restrooms, several changing areas equipped with baby wipes, a nursing area with comfortable seating, storage cubbies for nursing supplies, a full kitchen with dining table and appliances for guest use, and a small section for children to enjoy a film or book while staying cool.
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The Beast calls to Michigan native

When Jess Novak was driving through his home of Detroit in 1980, he saw a billboard for a new roller coaster opening in a theme park North of Cincinnati. “I’ll never, ever forget it. A big, black billboard that said, ‘The Beast. Running rampant 20 miles North of Cincinnati. The biggest, tallest, fastest wooden roller coaster in the world,’” Jess said. “I had to get here. I just had to come down here and ride that.”
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SpiritSong brings top Christian artists to Kings Island

2018 SpiritSong, a Christian music festival held at Kings Island, was a smash hit this year with thousands traveling from across the country to see the nation’s top Christian music groups and personalities. The festival celebrated its 25th anniversary with more than a dozen contemporary Christian artists of many different genres, from heavy metal to folk to hip-hop. Several Christian radio personalities and Christian comedian John Crist also made appearances.
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The history of Kings Island's famous blue ice cream

In 1982, Michael Jackson released Thriller, Steven Spielberg made us fall in love with a little alien who wanted to phone home and Kings Island debuted blueberry-flavored, soft serve ice cream. Little did they know that a simple blue ice cream cone would become a staple in Kings Island history and Cincinnati culture.
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Active military, veterans get free admission to Kings Island July 1-4

Kings Island prides itself on providing world-class thrills, fun and family entertainment for guests of all ages. Kings Island is also proud of the brave men and women who serve in the U.S. military. As a thank you to all who have served and are currently serving in our country’s military and the sacrifices made to serve and protect, Kings Island will pay tribute by offering free admission on military appreciation days July 1-4.
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What if there's a storm at the park? Kings Island's safety protocol

So you’re enjoying a sunny day at Kings Island when dark clouds start rolling in. What keeps you and your family safe? Kings Island has you covered. It takes a lot to manage Kings Island’s 364 acres, but the park has a whole behind-the-scenes system to track severe weather. Doug Kramer, Kings Island’s director of safety and security, has worked at Kings Island for over 40 years and oversees all safety and security in the park.
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Make plans to celebrate the Fourth of July at Kings Island

The Fourth of July is coming up, and Kings Island is planning to celebrate our nation’s 242nd birthday with one of Cincinnati’s largest and most impressive Independence Day fireworks displays. This colorful pageant in the sky set against the backdrop of the park will be 20 minutes in length, making it notably longer than the park’s traditional nightly shows.
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Landscaping an attraction at Kings Island

Down a gravel road off of Kings Island’s parking lot sits the park’s best and oldest kept secret. In a small back lot just across from Great Wolf Lodge, rows of greenhouses sit filled with dozens of different plants that will eventually make their way to Kings Island’s main grounds and create some of the park’s most iconic landmarks. When you step into one of the greenhouses, you’re immediately transported to a jungle with dozens of different colors and shapes.
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