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Kings Island

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A history worth repeating

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If you’ve been to King’s Island anytime during the last 45 years, you probably have a favorite memory. You may have ridden your first roller coaster.  You may have danced with a Smurf or Charlie Brown. You may have had your first kiss under the Eiffel Tower. You may have gotten soaked on a water ride. You may have even ridden the Turnpike ride with a long-lost loved one. 

Kings Island holds more memories in the hearts and minds of its guests than there are stones in its pavement. Every ride, every building, every bit of landscaping in the park tell a story. 

Throughout the coming weeks, in celebration of Kings Island’s 45th anniversary, I am honored to take you on an enchanted journey back through the park’s past. It’s a rich history that began over 100 years ago in, believe it or not, an apple orchard.

So, let’s trip down memory lane together. You may learn something new, you may find out what happened to a long-gone ride, or better yet, you may be amazed by the story Kings Island has to tell.

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John Keeter

John M. Keeter first attended Kings Island 35 years ago when “The Bat” was originally taking flight.  The awe of that first visit and later rides on “The Beast” (Still his favorite Kings Island attraction) triggered his enduring love of the park.  A picture of a flooded Cincinnati’s Coney Island found in a grade school library book triggered his quest to learn all he could of Kings Island’s beginning.   An avid roller coaster enthusiast, he’s ridden over 400 different coasters.  He resides in Louisville, KY and maintains “Sit on It”, a Facebook Page dedicated to remembering the Kings Island of our past, as well as looking forward to the Kings Island of our future.  It can be found at:

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