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Michigan native can't wait to ride new Banshee roller coaster

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Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

"The poetry of the ride, the way it follows just screams an intense ride. It means business."

The new Banshee roller coaster under construction at Kings Island has generated excitement from thrill-seekers from coast-to-coast, but perhaps no roller coaster enthusiast in the country is more excited about the park's new $24 million steel thriller than Detroit, Michigan native Jess Novak.

"The poetry of the ride, the way it follows just screams an intense ride. It means business," Novak said of what will be the longest inverted roller coaster in the world when the ride makes its highly-anticipated debut April 18.

A member of the American Coaster Enthusiasts since 1982, Novak has ridden literally hundreds of roller coasters including all of the top ranked coasters in North America. He believes Banshee has all the elements in place to be the best.

"You can look at Banshee and see elements that you like, but once you're on the ride it's going to exceed what you imagined. It's going to be a ride that you're going to be completely blown away by," Novak said.

The new attraction was designed exclusively for Kings Island by B&M of Monthey, Switizerland and includes the following succession of breath-taking thrills: a 167-foot lift and curved first drop of 150 feet, a dive loop, a loop interacting with the lift, a zero-G-roll, batwing, outside loop, spiral, in-line roll and carousel. Track length is 4,124 feet with a top speed of 68 mph.

"The climb up the batwing after dropping into the valley after the zero-G-roll is going to be absolutely incredible," Novak said. "It will be like a fighter jet doing a full throttle vertical climb. All you're going to see is sky.

"I can't wait to ride this coaster!"

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