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Banshee construction heading down the stretch

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Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Final track piece to be delivered this week

The construction of the longest inverted roller coaster in the world, "Banshee," continues at Kings Island. The following track elements have been completed: Lift hill, 150-foot Curved Drop, Loop interacting with the lift, Zero-G-Roll and Batwing, with the Outside Loop nearing completion.

Once the Outside Loop has been topped off, the Spiral, In-Line Roll and Carousel are all that remains to be constructed in regards to track work.

The final piece of track is expected to be delivered on Wednesday. We'll post photos of the track leaving the factory in Batavia, OH on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). If you're not following the park on these platforms, you should! 

Work on and around the station is also progressing. Concrete for the station floor has been poured and the roof is under construction. 

While the construction of Banshee heads down the stretch, the park is preparing for the arrival of the trains. The trains are coming from Switzerland, and they could be on property by the end of the month. The arrival of the trains is going to be an exciting day! 



Great update

- bob
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at 8:38 PM

This is so exciting I have enjoyed watching this beautiful ride be built. Will we get to see the trains when they arrive?

- Marshall
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at 11:23 PM


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